Sri Lanka Cricket Honors Asian Games Champions with Rs. 28 Million in Cash Awards

In a resounding celebration of athletic excellence, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) President Shammi Silva, alongside the Executive Committee, bestowed well-deserved recognition and cash awards to the triumphing athletes of the Asian Games 2023. A distinguished ceremony unfolded at the SLC Headquarters, where 11 outstanding athletes and two commendable coaches were lauded for their remarkable achievements on the international stage.

In the esteemed presence of key figures including SLC President Shammi Silva, Vice President Ravin Wickramaratne, Treasurer Sujeeva Godaliyadda, Acting Secretary Chryshantha Kapuwatte, Assistant Treasurer Lasantha Wickremesinghe, and Olympic Medalist Susanthika Jayasinghe, the event resonated with the spirit of national pride. Major General Palitha Fernando, President of the Athletic Association of Sri Lanka, and Saman Kumara, Secretary of the Athletic Association of Sri Lanka, added their esteemed presence to the occasion, emphasizing the broader significance of these achievements.

The spotlight shone brightly on Tharushi Karunaratne, the Asian Games Gold Medalist, and Nadeesha Dilhani Lekamge, the Silver Medalist, both of whom received substantial cash awards in acknowledgment of their outstanding performances. Tharushi Karunaratne was honored with a remarkable Rs. 10 million for her gold medal and an additional Rs. 1 million for her bronze medal. Nadeesha Dilhani Lekamge, the Silver Medalist, received a commendable sum of Rs. 5 million.

The celebration extended to the bronze medal-winning athletes, namely Pasindu Kodikara, Aruna Darshana, Kalinga Kumarage, Pabasara Niku, Rajitha Rajakaruna, Dinuka Deshan, Nadeesha Ramanayake, Sayuru Lakshima, and Jayeshi Utthara, each receiving Rs. 1 million as a testament to their contributions in bringing glory to the nation.

This ceremony not only honored individual accomplishments but underscored the collective spirit of sportsmanship and dedication that continues to elevate Sri Lanka's presence on the global sporting arena.

Celebrating Excellence, Inspiring Future Triumphs

The recognition and cash awards bestowed upon the Asian Games champions by Sri Lanka Cricket stand not only as a testament to individual athletic prowess but also as a celebration of collective dedication and national pride. Under the leadership of SLC President Shammi Silva and the esteemed Executive Committee, the ceremony at the SLC Headquarters was a momentous occasion, attended by key figures in both cricket and athletics.

Tharushi Karunaratne's stellar achievement as the Gold Medalist and Nadeesha Dilhani Lekamge's Silver Medal rightfully earned them substantial rewards, reflecting the nation's gratitude for their outstanding performances. The bronze medal-winning athletes, each receiving Rs. 1 million, were also acknowledged for their valuable contributions to the country's success at the Asian Games 2023.

As the spotlight fades on this celebration, the echoes of national pride and sporting excellence linger, serving as inspiration for future generations of athletes. The commitment to fostering a culture of recognition and support within Sri Lanka Cricket not only honors past achievements but sets the stage for a future where sporting triumphs continue to unite and uplift the nation. In the spirit of this celebration, the journey of excellence in Sri Lankan sports strides forward, fueled by the dedication and determination of its outstanding athletes.