"Defiant and Unyielding: Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa Asserts Fearlessness and Readiness in the Face of Adversity"

In a bold declaration before Parliament, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa proclaimed his unwavering courage, affirming his readiness to confront any challenge, even if standing alone. Premadasa recounted an incident during which, as Opposition Leader, he sought to pose questions under standing Orders 27(2). However, his attempt was met with disruption, as members of the ruling party converged in the middle of the chamber, hindering his inquiries.

He detailed an unsettling episode where SLPP MP Sanath Nishantha not only obstructed his questioning but also confiscated crucial files, essential for the proper execution of his duties. The files contained vital letters and documents integral to his work. Premadasa expressed his dismay over the blatant theft, emphasizing that this incident occurred in the presence of the Speaker, raising questions about the consequences for such a violation of parliamentary privileges.

The Opposition Leader underscored the gravity of the situation, pointing out that numerous important letters within the purview of the Serjeant-at-Arms had mysteriously gone missing due to the actions of MP Sanath Nishantha. Premadasa's assertive stance reflects a commitment to upholding parliamentary integrity and demanding accountability for any infringement upon the rights and privileges essential to the functioning of the opposition.

"In the face of disruptions and challenges, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa's resolute stance echoes a commitment to upholding the principles of parliamentary decorum and accountability. As he fearlessly confronts instances of interference and the confiscation of vital files, his unwavering dedication to fulfilling his role remains steadfast. The incident not only raises questions about the preservation of parliamentary privileges but also underscores the need for a robust response to such transgressions. In the pursuit of justice and the preservation of democratic values, Premadasa's determined stand serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of upholding the integrity of parliamentary proceedings."