"Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Set for Next Year, Affirms President Wickremesinghe"

In a decisive announcement within the parliamentary chambers, President Ranil Wickremesinghe declared that both the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections are slated to take place next year. The President's proclamation came as a response to Chief Opposition Whip Lakshman Kiriella's statement, asserting that the government harbors apprehensions about holding elections.

President Wickremesinghe emphatically dismissed any concerns about the government's reluctance, affirming that there is no reason to fear holding elections as democracy is firmly established in the country. He assured that not a single election would be postponed, underscoring the commitment to conducting both the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in the upcoming year.

Addressing the ongoing Committee Stage Debate in Parliament, President Wickremesinghe remarked that there were no impediments to organizing Local Government and Provincial Council elections, expressing confidence in their smooth execution. Emphasizing the entrenched democratic processes in the country, the President refuted any suggestions of apprehension toward the voters, stating that measures would be taken to ensure the seamless conduct of elections in the designated timeframe.

President Wickremesinghe concluded by outlining a strategic timeline, proposing that Provincial Councils and Local Government elections could follow in the subsequent year. With this announcement, the political landscape in the country anticipates a significant electoral chapter, emphasizing the President's commitment to upholding the democratic principles that form the foundation of the nation.

In conclusion, President Ranil Wickremesinghe's unequivocal announcement in Parliament has set the stage for a pivotal electoral year, with both the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections confirmed for the upcoming year. The President's assurance, delivered in response to concerns raised by the Chief Opposition Whip, underscores a commitment to democratic principles and a rejection of any perceived reluctance by the government to hold elections.

President Wickremesinghe's declaration dispels apprehensions about the electoral process, as he emphasizes the well-established democracy in the country. With a firm stance that no election will be postponed, the President instills confidence in the public and political stakeholders regarding the smooth execution of the electoral processes.

As the President participates in the Committee Stage Debate, his remarks reflect a proactive approach to governance, with an acknowledgment that Local Government and Provincial Council elections can be conducted without impediment. The assertion that democracy has been firmly established reinforces the President's commitment to upholding the values that underpin the nation's political landscape.

Looking forward, President Wickremesinghe outlines a strategic timeline, suggesting that Provincial Councils and Local Government elections could follow in the subsequent year. This comprehensive electoral roadmap reinforces the President's dedication to ensuring a transparent, participatory, and timely democratic process, setting the tone for a period of heightened political engagement in the country.