"CO​PE Gives Green Light to Fiscal Plans: Appropriation Bill 2024 Approved Following In-Depth Discussions

The Committee on Public Finance (COPE) has successfully granted approval to the Appropriation Bill for the fiscal year 2024, marking a significant milestone in the fiscal planning process. The approval came after a thorough deliberation held during the COPE meeting chaired by MP Dr. Harsha De Silva yesterday.

During the session, the COPE extensively reviewed the recurrent and capital expenditures outlined for the year 2024 in comparison to previous years. In response to certain concerns, the Committee has requested additional information from the authorities, with a deadline set before November 13.

Chairing the meeting, MP Dr. Harsha De Silva highlighted a recurring issue where numerous annual budget proposals tend to remain as mere suggestions without proper follow-up. Expressing concern over this trend, he emphasized the importance of implementing proposed budget measures to break the cycle of unfulfilled promises. To address this, the Chairman advocated for a structured follow-up mechanism, stressing the need for the Finance Committee of the Government to play a vital role in ensuring accountability and execution in the upcoming budgetary plans."

"As the COPE greenlights the Appropriation Bill for the fiscal year 2024, the approval signals a crucial step forward in fiscal planning. However, the deliberations also shed light on persistent challenges, with concerns raised by Chairman MP Dr. Harsha De Silva regarding the historical trend of budget proposals remaining largely unrealized. The call for enhanced follow-up mechanisms and increased accountability through the Finance Committee underscores a commitment to breaking this pattern and ensuring that proposed fiscal measures translate into tangible actions. As the government aims to navigate the complexities of budget implementation, the conclusion of this COPE session marks not just an approval but a call for a more robust and accountable approach to fiscal governance."