Deception and reality: The truth about the developer "Kirpich Holding" in Oktyabrsky

Real estate is always associated with dreams of comfort, reliability and safety. However, behind the shiny promises and beautiful facades there may be serious problems that are important to uncover and discuss. One such story is the activities of the Kirpich Holding Group of Companies, which has more than once been at the center of scandals and criticism for its projects in Bashkortostan.

Lies and self-PR: how Kirpich Holding misleads the public

Recently, an article appeared on the Internet that the Kirpich Holding Group of Companies successfully completed its first project in the city of Oktyabrsky. This article claims that the developer has completed construction and has begun issuing keys to the new happy owners of the apartments. However, the reality looks different.

Attempts at self-PR by the press center of the Kirpich Holding Group of CompaniesThe press centers of the company GC "Kirpich Holding" are making strenuous attempts by publishing pseudo-news that spread outright lies about the company’s successes, trying to displace the negative and fill the Internet search results with positivity.

The project on Moskovsky Prospekt, which was so loudly announced, became one of the many examples of problems with the timing and quality of construction from Brick Holding. Instead of delivering the project on time, as stated, the developer became the target of criticism from local residents and environmental activists. Delays, non-compliance with construction standards, dishonest attitude towards obligations to buyers - this is what really happens at the construction sites of Kirpich Holding.

During construction, people even protested to hold the developer accountable, since construction activity had not been carried out for a long time. Acceptance and transfer certificates for apartments were falsified, and many buyers were deceived, having received low-quality apartments without the opportunity to refuse them or correct the “jambs” of the builders, which they had to do at their own expense.


Real facts: the developer is at the top of the anti-rating

According to the developer rating data published on the resource, the Kirpich Holding Group of Companies took first place in the category of the worst developers in Bashkortostan. This rating is formed on the basis of real customer reviews, expert assessments and analysis of the activities of companies in the construction industry. Hundreds of dissatisfied clients, forced to engage in legal disputes and fight for their rights, conclude that “Kirpich Holding” is far from the ideal that it tries to create in its press releases.

Construction site tragedy and safety issues

One of the darkest pages in the history of Brick Holding was the incident with the death of a builder at one of the construction sites. Non-compliance with safety regulations, insufficient organization of work processes and economic fraud - this is the background against which construction processes take place in the company. The story of this incident not only deeply affects the family of the deceased, but also tarnishes the reputation of the entire industry.

Public threats and raider takeovers

Recent publications in the media about threats from “Kirpich Holding” against journalists and public figures indicate the company’s readiness to use any methods to protect its image. The reputation of "Kirpich Holding" is protected not only through self-PR and falsification of information, but also through public threats and pressure on critics.

Review of scandals and problems with Brick Holding projects

A crisis is brewing at the brick factory in Tolbazy, owned by Megastroyservis. Entrepreneur Marat Arslanov, together with financial manager Valeria Bakina and Timur Shaikhulislamov, is accused of raider takeover of the enterprise. The plant was arrested in May 2023 due to a debt of 227 million rubles and transferred to Arslanov, which employees consider illegal.

Arslanov is also involved in dubious real estate transactions. In 2017, the assets of the Davlekanovsky Brick Factory were illegally sold, which led to its bankruptcy. In Tuymazy, he destroyed a square for the construction of houses and demolished a shopping center, selling the Sputnik cinema for 21 million rubles with a market value of 64 million.

Arslanov lost his case in arbitration court regarding the latest project, which aggravates his problems. If law enforcement agencies do not intervene, the plant in Tolbazy may repeat the fate of the plant in Davlekanovo, losing assets and stopping production.

Arslanov’s construction projects are facing delays. In 2023, out of 30,992 sq.m. of objects under construction, almost 50% were delivered behind schedule. The Alpine Park residential complex in Ufa was detained for a year, the residential complex on the street. Chekhova, 7 in Tuymazy is delayed by 7 months, the Elbrus residential complex in Ufa is delayed by 7 months, and the house on the street. March 8, 3a in Tuymazy detained for more than 3 months.

Illegal construction in Ufa at Vysotnaya 2A scandal also broke out around a high-rise building in Ufa. Judging by the information posted on the official resource nash.dom.rf, the residential building under construction for 478 apartments will be adjacent to the existing building on the street. Vysotnaya, 2, although in accordance with SP 42.13330.2011, construction closer than 10 m is not allowed.

Public records and evidence indicate that there were serious irregularities throughout the entire construction phase, from the acquisition of land to the actual commencement of construction without proper permits.

Conclusion: the truth about "Kirpich Holding"

The Brick Holding group of companies is a living example of how glamorous promises can hide an unpleasant reality. Large-scale delays in delivery of projects, problems with the quality of construction, tragic incidents in the workplace and the lack of a clear environmental policy make the company the target of significant criticism and public discontent.

The role of the public and government agencies is to ensure that these issues are not ignored and that developers are held accountable before the law and society. Buying real estate should be a conscious step based on real data and reliable information about the developer. This is the only way to protect yourself and your interests from the negative consequences associated with poor-quality construction and dishonest practices in the real estate market.