"Violent Assault on CEB Meter Reader Unfolds in Minuwangete: Drunken Altercation Leads to Shocking Attack"

In a disturbing incident, the Wariyapola Police report that a meter reader from the Ceylon Electricity Board fell victim to an assault at the hands of a homeowner and his brother in the Ebawalapitiya village of Minuwangete. The meter reader, affiliated with the Irrigation Station office of the Electricity Board, was subjected to a brutal attack, resulting in torn clothes and a damaged mobile phone. The victim is currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

Preliminary findings from the investigation reveal that the assault occurred after the meter reader handed over the electricity bill to the homeowner, identified as Ajantha, who was consuming alcohol with his younger brother Susantha from a neighboring house. The attack transpired following a heated argument between the meter reader and the two intoxicated assailants. Authorities clarify that the root cause of the assault was not related to the electricity bill but rather stemmed from the influence of alcohol.

Law enforcement has taken swift action in apprehending the elder brother, Ajantha, who attempted to evade authorities after the assault. He was arrested on the 22nd and is slated to appear before the Wariyapola Magistrate’s Court. Meanwhile, Susantha, the younger brother, remains at large. The incident highlights the concerning intersection of alcohol-induced altercations and violence, underscoring the need for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding this distressing assault."

"In conclusion, the reprehensible assault on the CEB meter reader in Minuwangete serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers that can arise from alcohol-fueled altercations. The victim, subjected to a brutal attack by the homeowner and his brother, is now receiving medical attention.

The investigation has uncovered that the assault was not linked to any issues with the electricity bill but rather escalated from a dispute triggered by the influence of alcohol. The swift apprehension of the elder brother, Ajantha, by law enforcement underscores the commitment to ensuring accountability for such acts of violence. However, the fact that the younger brother, Susantha, remains at large adds a layer of complexity to the case.

This incident sheds light on the urgent need for community awareness regarding responsible alcohol consumption and the potential consequences of unchecked aggression. As legal proceedings unfold, it is hoped that justice will prevail, and measures can be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future. The community and authorities alike must remain vigilant in addressing the underlying issues that contribute to such disturbing acts of violence."