In a shocking incident at 57 Watte, Kompannaveediya, nine suspects, including three women, have been apprehended for a brazen attack on two police officers from the Colombo South Crimes Division. The assailants allegedly assaulted the officers with sticks and kicks when they attempted to arrest two suspects at the same location. The situation escalated as the attackers purportedly poured petrol on the officers, attempting to set them ablaze with the intent to cause harm. Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage, responding to the gravity of the charges, ordered the remand of these individuals until November 27. The magistrate further mandated that all suspects undergo an identification process in the upcoming court sessions. The accused, including Udawattage Ramya Malkanthi, Weragoda Arachchige Dhammika, Dhanushka Lakmal, Hewa Sahabanduge Pavitra Gangani, Doragoda Kankanamlage Wimalaratne, Udawatta Sanjeeva Sarath Kumara, and Edirisinghe Suresh, were deemed complicit in an illegal mob, allegedly aiding the escape of two suspects and attempting to fatally harm the police officers through the use of petrol. The Colombo South Crimes Division presented these serious charges as the investigation unfolds in this disturbing attack on law enforcement.

As the legal proceedings unfold in the aftermath of the reprehensible attack on two police officers in Kompannaveediya, the Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage's decision to remand the nine suspects until November 27 underscores the severity of the charges brought against them. The assailants, including three women, allegedly engaged in a violent assault using sticks and kicks during a police operation to apprehend two suspects. The shocking escalation, involving the pouring of petrol with an attempt to set the officers on fire, has brought grave accusations of aiding the escape of suspects and attempting to cause fatal harm to law enforcement. The upcoming identification process and continued investigation by the Colombo South Crimes Division will shed light on the full extent of the involvement of these individuals in what appears to be an orchestrated attack on the police, highlighting the challenges faced by law enforcement in maintaining public order and safety.