"STF's Major Coup: Seizure of Rs.1,300 Million Cigarette Smuggling Operation

In a bold operation, the Police Special Task Force (STF) executed a targeted raid, apprehending a suspect and confiscating a 40-foot container in the Grandpass area. The container, intercepted based on actionable intelligence, was found to be carrying a staggering 10 million sticks of cigarettes, boasting a street value estimated at Rs.1,300 million.

Under the strategic guidance of Special Task Force Commander Senior Deputy Inspector General Waruna Jayasundara, and the direction of Director Intelligence SP M. M. K. Wijesinghe and ASP Sagara Kulasekara, a team of STF officers, led by Inspector Paramullage, OIC of the Special Task Force Organized Crime Unit II, orchestrated the raid. The operation unfolded last Thursday (16) in front of the Kelanitissa Power Station in Grandpass.

The 65-year-old suspect, a resident of Makola, was swiftly apprehended, and the container truck (bearing registration number WPLY 4822) was impounded. The container, harboring a staggering 10,420,000 illegally imported cigarettes, had entered Sri Lanka without payment of excise duty. Investigations revealed that the container was en route to the Orugodawatta container yard at the time of interception.

The STF team handed over the arrested suspect, the seized container, and the sizable stock of cigarettes to the Grandpass Police Station for further investigations. This significant operation underscores the STF's commitment to curbing illicit activities and safeguarding national interests."

"In conclusion, the STF's successful interception and seizure of a 40-foot container carrying a colossal 10 million cigarettes, valued at Rs.1,300 million, is a testament to their proactive efforts in combating illicit activities. The swift and strategic operation, executed under the guidance of STF leadership, highlights their commitment to upholding the law and safeguarding the nation's interests. The apprehension of the suspect and the impounding of the contraband underscore the STF's role in curbing illegal enterprises and preserving the integrity of national security."