"In a distinguished ceremony held at the parade ground of the Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) Headquarters in Gangewadiya, Puttalam, a total of 36 naval personnel, comprising 2 officers and 34 sailors, were honored with insignia, marking the triumphant conclusion of the RABS Qualifying Course No 27. The event, graced by the presence of the Chief Guest, Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera, and hosted by Commander Northwestern Naval Area Rear Admiral Nishantha Peiris, celebrated the outstanding achievements of the participants who completed nine months of rigorous training.

Focused on RABS classic roles, lifesaving techniques, and specialized rescue missions in disaster scenarios, the ceremony reached its pinnacle with the Commander of the Navy presenting special awards to those who demonstrated exceptional performance and unwavering dedication throughout the training period. Lieutenant GRSR Thilakarathna received the Best Trainee award, a testament to his exemplary commitment to excellence, while Lieutenant DGYP Premalal was recognized as the Best Boat Handler, showcasing exceptional skill in boat handling.

Able Seaman RGR Jeewantha earned the title of Best Lifesaver, displaying proficiency in critical lifesaving techniques, and Able Seaman HMMNB Herath was honored as the trainee with the Best Physical Fitness. In his address, Commander of the Navy extended heartfelt congratulations to the accomplished naval personnel, highlighting the pivotal role played by RABS in the country's humanitarian operations against nearly three decades of terrorism.

The Navy Commander solemnly remembered the supreme sacrifice made by RABS personnel, emphasizing their dedication to securing a better tomorrow for the motherland. Acknowledging the praiseworthy commitment of RABS, the Special Boat Squadron, and the Fourth Fast Attack Flotilla in neutralizing enemy tactics during sea battles, he urged the insignia recipients to embody the RABS motto in their duties.

Stressing the imperative of confronting present challenges with unwavering dignity, the Commander drew inspiration from the squadron's storied history, marked by triumphant responses to health crises and natural disasters. The ceremony not only recognized the achievements of the naval personnel but also emphasized the enduring legacy and resilience that define the RABS squadron."

The Commander of the Navy, in a heartfelt acknowledgment, expressed gratitude to the parents of the naval personnel during the ceremony, recognizing their crucial role in inspiring their children to contribute exceptional service to the motherland by joining RABS. This moment of appreciation underlined the familial support that plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of duty and commitment among the naval personnel.

Furthermore, the Commander extended sincere thanks to the Commanding Officer and the training team of RABS for their steadfast dedication in delivering high-quality training. Recognizing the importance of such training in preparing personnel for their future responsibilities, the Commander underscored the significance of their commitment.

Following the ceremony of awarding insignia, the recipients showcased their honed expertise in various lifesaving rescue scenarios using different types of equipment, demonstrating the practical application of their training. The display was enhanced by the presence of a Bell 212 helicopter from the Sri Lanka Air Force, adding a dynamic element to the exhibition.

The occasion brought together senior officers from the Navy Headquarters and Northwestern Naval Command, including Commanding Officer RABS, Commander Nadun Ranaweera. Officers from sister services, the Police, and the near and dear ones of the course followers also attended, creating a collective atmosphere of celebration and acknowledgment for the accomplishments achieved during the Qualifying Course No 27.

In conclusion, the ceremony marking the successful completion of the RABS Qualifying Course No 27 was a testament to the dedication and achievements of the naval personnel. The Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the parents for their encouragement and support, recognizing their role in inspiring the next generation to serve the motherland through RABS.

Acknowledging the pivotal role played by the Commanding Officer and training team of RABS, the Commander highlighted their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality training. This commitment ensures that naval personnel are well-prepared for the responsibilities that lie ahead, emphasizing the significance of their dedication.

The post-award ceremony exhibition, featuring various lifesaving rescue scenarios and a Bell 212 helicopter from the Sri Lanka Air Force, showcased the practical application of the training received by the insignia recipients. The presence of senior officers, Commanding Officer RABS, officers from sister services, the Police, and the families of the course followers added to the celebratory atmosphere.

This occasion not only recognized the individual achievements of the insignia recipients but also underscored the collective effort and support system that contributes to the success of the RABS Qualifying Course. It marked a moment of pride and accomplishment for the naval personnel, setting the stage for their future endeavors in service to the nation.