"Contract Killer Apprehended: Underworld Operative's Murder Mission Thwarted at BIA"

In a significant development, the Police Special Task Force has intercepted an underworld criminal at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) with chilling intentions. The arrested individual, identified as Roshan Chaturka, alias Charika, is allegedly a contract killer associated with Makilangamuwe Sanjeeva's gang. Sources reveal that Chaturka arrived in Sri Lanka from Sharjah with a sinister mission—to assassinate a businessman in Attanagalle and promptly escape back to Sharjah.

According to a senior officer from the Special Task Force, Chaturka's visit was meticulously planned as part of a cash contract, signaling a grim reality of hired violence. Intelligence suggests that the target was a restaurant owner facing threats and extortion demands from an underworld gang. The victim had reportedly filed complaints with both the Attanagalla and Nittambuwa Police stations regarding the menacing demands for ransom.

The STF's timely intervention on Wednesday prevented a potential tragedy, with Chaturka's arrest based on intelligence received by the STF's Intelligence Division. The information indicated his planned arrival in Sri Lanka between October 30 and November 1, 2023. Notably, the STF had obtained Chaturka's foreign passport number, enabling airport security authorities to detain him upon entry.

Further investigations into Chaturka's background have unearthed that he is a former Army soldier with a history of charges related to murders and thefts. The arrest underscores the ongoing battle against organized crime in Sri Lanka, with law enforcement agencies actively thwarting nefarious activities and protecting potential targets from harm.

"In conclusion, the apprehension of Roshan Chaturka, alias Charika, at the Bandaranaike International Airport reveals a chilling plot involving an alleged contract killer with ties to the notorious Makilangamuwe Sanjeeva's gang. The thwarted mission to assassinate a businessman in Attanagalle underscores the persistent challenges posed by organized crime in Sri Lanka. The proactive intervention of the Police Special Task Force, based on intelligence gathered by their Intelligence Division, has undoubtedly averted a potential tragedy.

Chaturka's arrest sheds light on the intricate web of criminal activities, highlighting the use of cash contracts for targeted violence. The restaurant owner's courageous act of filing complaints against the extortion attempts emphasizes the resilience of individuals against the threats posed by underworld elements.

As law enforcement agencies remain vigilant in their efforts to curb organized crime, the incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle to ensure the safety and security of citizens. The arrest of Chaturka, a former Army soldier with a history of serious charges, amplifies the need for comprehensive strategies to dismantle criminal networks and safeguard communities from the looming specter of hired violence."