"Legal Developments: Three 14-Year-Old Students Granted Rs. 3 Million Bail in Connection to Assault Case"

In a concerning incident, three 14-year-old students were apprehended by the police on Tuesday (31) following investigations into a distressing assault case. The incident involved a group of Grade Nine students from a prominent school in Katugastota who reportedly covered a fellow student's head with a sheet and subjected him to a brutal assault. The victim, subsequently admitted to a private hospital in Kandy by concerned parents, underwent necessary treatment, during which the attending doctor prompted the parents to file an official complaint with the police.

It has been revealed that the assault transpired on the last day of the school's second term. Notably, the father of one of the alleged attackers reportedly agreed to cover the treatment costs at the private hospital, a factor that contributed to the delayed filing of a police complaint by the parents of the assaulted student.

The three arrested students, hailing from Wattegama, Kondadeniya, and Mawilmada areas, were presented before the Kandy Additional Magistrate's Court. The Additional Magistrate, after due consideration, granted each student bail amounting to Rs. 1 million, summing up to a total of Rs. 3 million. Further proceedings are scheduled for December 5, as ordered by the Additional Magistrate.

Interestingly, no apparent action has been taken by the school in response to the incident. Prior to this assault, a conflict between two student groups had already resulted in the arrest of eight students, emphasizing a pattern of unrest within the school. Ongoing investigations, under the guidance of Chief Inspector R.D. Rajapaksa, Officer-In-Charge of the Katugastota Police, are aiming to unveil any additional details and individuals involved in the attack. The incident sheds light on the pressing need for a comprehensive approach to addressing school conflicts and ensuring the safety and well-being of students.

In conclusion, the disturbing incident involving the assault on a Grade Nine student in Katugastota has taken a legal turn with the arrest of three 14-year-old students. The delayed reporting of the incident, attributed to the agreement by one of the alleged attackers' fathers to cover treatment costs, adds a layer of complexity to the case.

The Kandy Additional Magistrate's Court, after considering the circumstances, granted bail of Rs. 1 million each to the three arrested students, amounting to a total of Rs. 3 million. The court has set a follow-up appearance date for December 5 to further address the matter.

Notably, the lack of apparent action by the school in response to the incident and the preceding conflict between student groups underscore broader issues within the educational institution. The ongoing investigations, guided by Chief Inspector R.D. Rajapaksa, are crucial in unraveling additional details and identifying individuals involved in the assault.

This case highlights the imperative for schools to proactively address conflicts, fostering a safe and secure environment for students. As legal proceedings unfold, the incident prompts reflection on the importance of preventive measures and comprehensive interventions to ensure the well-being of students within educational institutions.