"Legal Drama Unfolds: Two Women Remanded for Assault on Lawyer near Attanagalla Magistrate’s Court"

In a startling turn of events, Attanagalla Magistrate Manjula Karunaratne has issued an order remanding two suspects until November 15 for their alleged involvement in the assault of lawyer Sujeewa Hathurusinghe. The incident occurred near the Attanagalla Magistrate’s Court complex, shaking the legal community.

The Nittambuwa Police, following thorough investigations, apprehended the suspects identified as Arachchige Niranjala Sarojani and Vidanagamage Dilki Lakshika. The charges stem from an altercation in which attorney Sujeewa Hathurusinghe was purportedly kicked and injured in the vicinity of the lawyers' office complex near the entrance to the Attanagalle Court complex on the afternoon of the day before yesterday.

Chief Inspector G.W.L. Ravindra, the OIC of the Nittambuwa Police Case Operations Division, presented the findings, revealing that the two suspects were directly involved in the alleged assault on attorney Sujeewa Hathurusinghe. The injured lawyer is presently receiving medical treatment at the Wathupitiwala Base Hospital.

During the magistrate's inquiry, suspect Niranjala Sarojani claimed that both she and Dilki Lakshika had traveled from Tissamaharama. She asserted that out of the six thousand rupees they possessed, five thousand rupees were given to secure bail for a suspect. However, when their attempt failed, they requested the return of the money, leading to a heated argument. Sarojani maintained that no physical attack occurred and stated that she demanded the money back due to a lack of funds to return home.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the case unveils layers of complexity, raising questions about the motives behind the alleged assault and the events leading up to the altercation near the Attanagalla Magistrate’s Court.

"As the legal system grapples with the aftermath of the shocking assault on attorney Sujeewa Hathurusinghe, the remand of the two suspects, Arachchige Niranjala Sarojani and Vidanagamage Dilki Lakshika, until November 15 adds another dimension to this unfolding legal drama. The Attanagalla Magistrate's order reflects the seriousness of the allegations and underscores the need for a thorough investigation into the incident near the Attanagalla Magistrate’s Court complex.

The Nittambuwa Police's findings, presented by Chief Inspector G.W.L. Ravindra, have positioned the two suspects as central figures in the alleged assault on Hathurusinghe. The attorney's current medical treatment at the Wathupitiwala Base Hospital underscores the physical repercussions of the incident.

During the magistrate's inquiry, Niranjala Sarojani's explanation of a failed bail attempt and a subsequent argument raises questions about the underlying motivations behind the altercation. The conflicting narratives highlight the complexity of the case, leaving the legal community and the public awaiting further developments in the investigation.

As the remanded suspects await their next hearing on November 15, the legal system will play a crucial role in untangling the truth and delivering justice in this disturbing episode near the Attanagalla Magistrate’s Court. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges and complexities faced by the legal community, both in and out of the courtroom."