"Justice Served: Sergeant and Constable Receive Two-Year Prison Term for Theft from Chinese National"

Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage delivered a decisive verdict yesterday, sentencing a Sergeant and a Constable from the Kollupitiya Police to two years of rigorous imprisonment. The charges stemmed from an incident in 2016 when, during a night patrol, the officers were found guilty of stealing Rs.2,000 and a pack of cigarettes from a Chinese national.

The verdict follows a lengthy legal process, finally bringing resolution to a case that had been pending for an extended period. The Chinese national had filed a complaint, alleging that the two police officers, Sergeant Lafir and Constable Duminda, committed robbery during their patrol duties.

Both officers, currently serving in the Vanathawilluwa Police, faced the consequences of their actions as the court handed down the two-year prison sentence. The judgment underscores the commitment to upholding justice and maintaining the integrity of law enforcement, sending a clear message that misconduct will be met with due consequences.

In conclusion, the sentencing of Sergeant Lafir and Constable Duminda to two years of rigorous imprisonment by Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage serves as a significant milestone in the pursuit of justice. The resolution of this case, which involved the theft of Rs.2,000 and a pack of cigarettes from a Chinese national during a night patrol in 2016, reflects a commitment to accountability within law enforcement.

The conclusion of this legal process sends a strong message about the consequences of misconduct, even within the ranks of the police force. The fact that justice has been served in a case that lingered for an extended period emphasizes the importance of thorough investigations and the adherence to legal proceedings.

This verdict not only holds the guilty parties accountable but also reinforces public trust in the justice system. It stands as a reminder that those entrusted with upholding the law are not above it and will face the repercussions of their actions. Ultimately, the conclusion of this case underscores the ongoing efforts to ensure transparency, fairness, and integrity within the law enforcement apparatus.