Deceptive Disguise Unveiled: Island Registered Criminal (IRC) Poses as Monk, Assaults Buddhist Monk

In a shocking incident in Kebithigollewa, an individual posing as a monk and identified as an Island Registered Criminal (IRC) was arrested after attacking Ven. Padaviya Wanavasi Vijitha Buddhi Thera. The imposter, clad in robes and residing at Kurulugama Vihara in Kebethigollewa, assaulted Ven. Padaviya Wanawasie Vijitha Buddhi Thera while the latter was delivering a sermon at a house in the village on Vap Full Moon day.

Preliminary police investigations revealed that the robed individual, identified as Atapattu Arachchilage Chamara Asanka Kumara, has three pending cases at the Hatton Court and one case at the Ruwanwella Court related to breaking into and robbing houses and properties. The imposter, who claimed to lack an identity card, had used several names, including Ranjurawe Sugathawansa Thera, Ranjurawe, Dheerananda, Ranjurawe Pugnyavamsa Thera, and Dharamathilaka Thera.

The assault on Ven. Vijitha Buddhi Thera occurred in the Kalavedhi Ulpatha village during a sermon commemorating the seventh day since a 43-year-old man's passing, who succumbed to a viper bite. The assailant, identified as a monk from the Kurulugama village, led a group of approximately 100 individuals in the attack. Ven. Vijitha Buddhi Thera, associated with multiple monastic establishments, faced violence despite his role in delivering sermons and contributing to the spiritual well-being of the community.

The incident adds a layer of complexity as it intertwines with the economic struggles faced by the family of the deceased man in Kalavedi Ulpatha village. The Kurulugama temple, associated with both the assailant and the attacked monk, becomes a focal point in this distressing episode, highlighting the clash between criminal activity and the sanctity of religious spaces.

Clash of Roles Unveils Tensions in Kebithigollewa

The unsettling incident in Kebithigollewa, where an individual masquerading as a monk, revealed to be an Island Registered Criminal (IRC), attacked Ven. Padaviya Wanavasi Vijitha Buddhi Thera, exposes a clash of roles and tensions within the community. The imposter's dual identity, engaging in criminal activities while donning the guise of a monk, underscores the complexity of the situation.

As investigations unfold, the assailant's criminal history, with pending cases related to burglary and robbery, further deepens the intrigue. The clash between the imposter and Ven. Vijitha Buddhi Thera during a solemn sermon adds a layer of disbelief and concern, questioning the sanctity of religious spaces.

The incident also intertwines with economic struggles in the Kalavedi Ulpatha village, where the family of a man who succumbed to a viper bite faces hardships. The contributing temple, Kurulugama, becomes a focal point in this distressing episode, highlighting the challenge of preserving the spiritual sanctity amid criminal elements.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of this clash, it underscores the need for vigilance and scrutiny in safeguarding religious spaces from exploitation. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the delicate balance between faith, community well-being, and the prevalence of criminal elements that can infiltrate even the most sacred institutions.