"Navy Nabs Contraband Duo: Two Arrested in Seizure of Smuggled Insecticides

In a strategic search operation across the sea areas of Karaitivu and Palliyawatta in Kalpitiya, the Sri Lanka Navy, aboard SLNS Vijaya, successfully apprehended two suspects with a cache of smuggled insecticides. The operation, conducted by the Northwestern Naval Command, utilized Inshore Patrol Craft to intercept a suspicious dinghy in the Karaitivu sea area, leading to the arrest of the two individuals in possession of 15 sacks of contraband insecticides.

In a subsequent search operation in the Palliyawatta sea area, naval personnel uncovered an additional seven bags of smuggled insecticides, believed to have been abandoned by the smugglers in response to the ongoing operations. The suspects, residents of Kalpitiya ranging from 43 to 46 years of age, were taken into custody.

The seized contraband, along with the apprehended suspects and the dinghy, has been handed over to the Katunayake Customs Preventive Office for further legal proceedings. The successful operation highlights the Navy's commitment to curbing illicit activities in the region and safeguarding against the unauthorized trade of harmful substances."

"As the Sri Lanka Navy continues its vigilant efforts to combat illicit activities, the recent operation resulting in the arrest of two individuals with smuggled insecticides underscores the importance of maritime security. The discovery of abandoned contraband in response to ongoing operations suggests the effectiveness of these measures in disrupting illegal activities. By swiftly handing over the suspects and seized goods to the appropriate authorities, in this case, the Katunayake Customs Preventive Office, the Navy reinforces its commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the region from the potential hazards associated with unauthorized trade. The conclusion of this operation serves as a testament to the Navy's dedication to maintaining a secure maritime environment."