"Embracing Excellence: Colombo South International College Shines in Annual Prize Giving Ceremony

Colombo South International College (CSIC) stands as a beacon of commitment to nurturing well-rounded students, poised for success in the dynamic landscape of the 21st century. The institution's unwavering dedication is not only heartening but also truly inspiring. What sets CSIC apart is its profound recognition of student efforts, a gesture that extends beyond the ordinary to motivate and uplift its student body. The love and passion invested in this endeavor are nothing short of noteworthy and commendable.

The Annual Prize Giving ceremony, aptly named 'The Day of the Students of CSI,' unfolded as a grand celebration of achievement. Students basked in well-deserved recognition before their peers, proud parents, devoted staff, and members of the wider community. On this momentous day, the National flag, school flag, and the Board of Prefects flag soared high, symbolizing the core values that define the essence of the institution – hard work, dedication, teamwork, and respect.

On the memorable date of November 11, after three consecutive years of disruptions due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Colombo South International College gathered in its College auditorium to applaud academic excellence and student accomplishments from the past few years. The ceremony drew a diverse audience, including students, parents, staff, and members of the wider community.

A heartfelt acknowledgment extends to the esteemed college management, including Chairman and Managing Director Mangala Wijekularatne, Founder Directress Grashanthi Wijekularatne, Directress Montessori Division Marie Silva, Principal B.A Abeyratne, Administrator and Coordinator to the Director Nisal Fernando, Acting Deputy Principal Ranmalee Wettasinghe, other members of the Board of Directors, Vice Principals, Coordinators, Heads of Departments, and the entire academic and non-academic staff. Their unwavering support served as colossal pillars throughout this prestigious event.

Special recognition goes to the outstanding strata of the college – CSIC Board of Prefects and CSIC Media Unit – for their constructive assistance that contributed to the resounding success of the ceremony. The Chief Guest, Dominic Hudson, and Special Guests, and Warakagoda, were warmly welcomed to this glorious occasion by the CSIC Board of Prefects, the youngest student of the college, the captivating Western band, the mesmerizing Wes dancers, and the college management.

The evening unfolded with a warm welcome from Managing Director Mangala Wijekularathna, who eloquently spoke about the significance of celebrating student achievements and highlighted the myriad ways in which the students had excelled over the past years. The event was not just a ceremony; it was a testament to the collective spirit of excellence that defines Colombo South International College."

"Excellence Unveiled: Colombo South International College Celebrates Achievements and Recognizes Outstanding Contributions

In a resplendent event, Principal B.A. Abeyrathna took the stage to present the comprehensive college report, a testament to the vibrant activities that unfolded throughout the Alma Mater. From the dedicated efforts of the Board of Prefects to the resonance of general and religious assemblies, the harmonies of the college Western band, the intellectual pursuits of Clubs and Societies, the dynamic presence of the CSIC Media Unit, to the profound impact of societies such as the Commerce Society, Science Society, English Department, Buddhist Society, Islamic Society, Hindu Society, Christian Society, Environmental Pioneers, Little Friends of CSIC, and the indomitable spirit of the Physical Education and Sports, including the Special Needs section – every facet of the college community contributed to a rich tapestry of success.

Principal Abeyrathna eloquently shared the school's triumphs over the past year, celebrating academic excellence, sporting prowess, and creative achievements. Emphasizing the institution's commitment to molding well-rounded students ready for the challenges of the 21st century, he underscored the alignment with the college mission: "Provision of a disciplined, cultured younger generation, with respect for human values to face the challenges of the 21st Century & Beyond."

Adding an extra layer of distinction to the occasion, the esteemed guest, Wijerathna Warakagoda, delivered a felicitation that resonated with eloquence and inspiration. The ceremony then transitioned to a moment of recognition, where students from grades 1-13 were honored for their outstanding achievements in diverse subjects and activities. Awards spanned academic excellence, sporting achievements, creative accomplishments, and special commendations for leadership, service, and resilience.

Beyond the student body, the dedication of teachers and staff members did not go unnoticed. Awards were bestowed upon them for their impeccable service to mother CSI and their outstanding teaching and guidance expertise.

The pinnacle of achievement was marked by exceptional students who attained top honors on an international scale. Notable awardees included Aishath Zaara Ahmed, achieving the highest mark in Sri Lanka for International GCSE English Specification B and Commerce and English Literature, Summer 2021; M. Aflal Aslam Saja, securing the highest mark in Sri Lanka for International GCSE Further Mathematics, Summer 2021; Arshad Ahamed Thaifoor Najath, excelling with the highest mark in Sri Lanka for International Advanced Level Biology and the world's highest mark for International Advanced Level Chemistry, Summer 2020; and Tashiya Forbes, attaining the highest mark in Sri Lanka for International Advanced Level Economics, Summer 2022. Sasindu Gimhana De Silva also stood out, achieving the highest mark in Asia for International GCSE Commerce, Summer 2021.

In this symphony of achievement, Colombo South International College celebrated not just academic milestones but also the spirit of dedication, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence that defines the essence of the institution."

"In conclusion, the Annual Prize Giving ceremony at Colombo South International College was a triumphant celebration of the institution's commitment to fostering holistic excellence. Principal B.A. Abeyrathna's detailed report illuminated the diverse achievements across every facet of the Alma Mater, showcasing the collaborative efforts of students and faculty alike. The event resonated with the spirit of the college mission, embodying the dedication to cultivating a disciplined, cultured younger generation equipped to confront the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

The eloquent felicitation by guest of honor Wijerathna Warakagoda added an extra layer of inspiration, setting the tone for an evening dedicated to recognizing outstanding contributions. As awards were distributed to students for their academic, sporting, and creative achievements, the ceremony also paid homage to the unwavering commitment of teachers and staff members, acknowledging their vital role in the success of the institution.

The pinnacle of the evening was marked by the exceptional achievements of students on the international stage, underscoring the global impact of Colombo South International College. Notable individuals, such as Aishath Zaara Ahmed, M. Aflal Aslam Saja, Arshad Ahamed Thaifoor Najath, Tashiya Forbes, and Sasindu Gimhana De Silva, stood as shining examples of excellence.

In this symphony of accomplishment, the ceremony not only celebrated academic milestones but also embodied the ethos of dedication, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the essence of Colombo South International College. As the flags of the National, school, and Board of Prefects flew high in pride, the occasion served as a poignant reminder of the enduring values – hard work, dedication, teamwork, and respect – that form the bedrock of the institution. It was indeed a day to remember, where the collective spirit of the CSI community shone brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the journey toward educational and personal excellence."