"A Linguistic Luminary: Indrani Ratnasekara Receives Kalabhooshana Award for Spanish Translations"

In a moment of recognition for her outstanding contributions to the literary world, veteran author Indrani Ratnasekara was recently bestowed with the Kalabhooshana Award. The accolade celebrates her remarkable service in translating original Spanish works into Sinhala, a testament to her linguistic prowess and dedication to bridging cultural gaps through language.

Indrani's journey unfolds against the backdrop of a diverse career that began in 1976 with the National Carriers, encompassing Air Ceylon Ltd and Air Lanka Ltd. Her two decades of service saw her in various roles, from ground hostess to traffic agent and senior traffic officer. Even after departing Air Lanka in 1994, Indrani continued to serve her country as a National Tourist Guide Lecturer, sharing her extensive knowledge and passion for Sri Lanka with visitors.

Fluent in both Spanish and Japanese, Indrani attributes her linguistic abilities to her familial background, with her father being well-versed in multiple foreign languages. Her stint as an air hostess not only enriched her professional journey but also provided a unique advantage for delving into the world of languages.

Indrani's literary endeavors extend beyond translations, encompassing several authored works such as "Spanish in Sinhala," "Sinhala for Travellers," and a brochure in Spanish titled "Kandy Esala Perahera." Notably, she translated Prof. Kusuma Karunarathne's "Punche Kaetay Wathure Gihin," a book recounting tales of Tsunami experiences, into the Spanish language.

Her international engagements include participation in documentary programs on Pablo Neruda, a renowned poet and former Ambassador for Chile in Sri Lanka. Additionally, she produced a documentary about Gems in Sri Lanka for Spain, further showcasing her multifaceted talents.

Indrani's journey took her to EXPO 1986 in Osaka, Japan, sparking an enduring passion for the study of foreign languages. This commitment led her to EXPO 1992 in Sevilla, Spain, where she met and interviewed notable figures such as Jose Pepin Bello, Salvador Dali, and Luis Bunuel.

Recipient of numerous awards and certificates, Indrani stands as a beacon in the tourist industry, offering valuable material for both tour guides and visitors. Her tireless dedication and literary achievements make her a compelling example for others to emulate, solidifying her legacy as a linguistic luminary and cultural ambassador.

"Indrani Ratnasekara's unwavering commitment serves as a powerful testament to the idea that one's chosen profession should never be a hindrance to continuous learning, knowledge enhancement, and the noble act of sharing. Her journey vividly illustrates that regardless of the field one is engaged in, there is no barrier too high to prevent the pursuit of knowledge and the subsequent sharing of that wisdom with those who may not have the privilege to traverse the diverse landscapes of our global community. Indrani's dedication transcends the boundaries of her roles, making her a shining example of how the pursuit of education and the dissemination of knowledge can be a beacon for the lesser mortals who may lack the opportunities to explore the countries that form our interconnected world."

"In concluding reflections, Indrani Ratnasekara emerges not only as a distinguished awardee of the Kalabhooshana but as a living testament to the boundless possibilities of learning and sharing knowledge. Her remarkable journey—from serving in the aviation industry to becoming a linguistic luminary—inspires a broader understanding that professional roles should never confine the pursuit of education. Indrani's commitment underscores the universal truth that knowledge knows no boundaries and that those who amass it have a responsibility to share it generously. As we celebrate her achievements and the recognition bestowed upon her, let her story be a beacon for all, emphasizing the transformative power of continuous learning and the profound impact it can have on those who may not have the privilege of global exploration."