"From Self-Sufficiency to Global Prominence: Macktiles Lanka Eyes Leadership in Tile Exports"

Macksons Tiles Lanka, commonly known as Macktiles, is steering Sri Lanka's tile manufacturing sector toward unprecedented heights. Fueled by optimism about the nation's economic trajectory, Milfer Makeen, Chairman of Macktiles Lanka, emphasizes the pivotal role of local industries in uplifting the economy, especially during challenging times. Makeen declares, "There is victory in adversity, and now is the time to showcase our commitment to economic growth."

Having invested Rs. 16 billion in expansion between 2020 and 2022, Macktiles has introduced cutting-edge technology comparable to that of renowned Italian and Spanish tile manufacturers. The company's focus on achieving self-sufficiency in tiles aligns with its mission, and the Chairman acknowledges that import restrictions played a key role in realizing this objective.

Macktiles has significantly ramped up its manufacturing capacity, evolving from 6,000 square meters per day in 2013 to an impressive 44,000 square meters per day after the 2020 expansion. This makes Macktiles the largest tile manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka, positioning it as a key player in the industry.

Eyeing international markets, Macktiles is set to become a formidable exporter of tiles. The company's state-of-the-art machinery, on par with global competitors, coupled with the advantage of utilizing the best quality local raw materials, including feldspar, ball clay, dolomite, and silica sand, positions Macktiles as a formidable contender in the global arena.

Moreover, Macktiles has empowered local entrepreneurs and revitalized the raw material industry by sourcing 85% of its materials locally. Makeen notes, "We have definitely revived the raw material industry, indirectly contributing to the economy."

The economic impact of Macktiles' drive for self-sufficiency is substantial. The company's efforts have resulted in an annual saving of approximately US$150 million in foreign exchange outflows. As part of its mission to transform Sri Lanka into a leading tile exporter, Macktiles is currently engaged in a robust marketing campaign, targeting the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Australia with its high-end tile offerings.

In essence, Macktiles Lanka's journey from local self-sufficiency to global prominence not only reflects the resilience of the Sri Lankan economy but also exemplifies the transformative power of strategic investment and commitment to excellence in the manufacturing sector.

"As Macktiles Lanka sets its sights on global leadership in tile exports, the company is not only investing in cutting-edge technology and expanding production capacity but is also actively collaborating with key stakeholders in the construction industry, interior design, and architectural and engineering communities. Macktiles is on a mission to promote its high-quality products, emphasize its manufacturing speed, showcase its impressive production capacity, and highlight its ability to offer tailor-made solutions. By fostering these strategic engagements, the company aims not only to solidify its presence in international markets but also to become a preferred choice for industry professionals seeking excellence and customization in the realm of tiles."

"In conclusion, Macktiles Lanka's trajectory from local industry leader to a global tile exporting powerhouse is not only marked by substantial investments in technology and capacity expansion but also by strategic collaborations with key sectors. The company's proactive engagement with the construction industry, interior design, and architectural and engineering communities underscores its commitment to promoting high-quality products, manufacturing efficiency, and customized solutions. As Macktiles embarks on its mission to elevate Sri Lanka to a leading position in the global tile market, these collaborations are instrumental in creating a strong foothold in international markets. The company's holistic approach, combining cutting-edge technology with collaborative industry relationships, positions Macktiles as a formidable player poised for sustained success on the global stage."