Celebrating Excellence: Sri Lanka Insurance Honors Broker Veterans at Exclusive Appreciation Event

In a grand gesture of gratitude, Sri Lanka Insurance (SLIC), the nation's insurer, recently hosted a spectacular event dedicated to acknowledging the invaluable contributions of Insurance Brokers to the thriving insurance industry of Sri Lanka. The prestigious gathering unfolded on the 18th of October at the Hilton, Colombo, marking an evening of recognition and celebration.

(L-R: Mr. Nihal Senaratne – Chairman, Senaratne Insurance Brokers, Mr. Hema Wijeratne – Chairman, Merchantile Insurance Brokers, Mr. Vernon Edirisinghe – Chairman, Equity Insurance Brokers, Mr. Victor Colambage – Chairman, Pflege Insurance Brokers, Mr. Ray Pompeus – Consultant, LM & A Insurance Brokers)

Insurance Broker companies stand as pivotal pillars in elevating the insurance landscape, contributing significantly to the economic tapestry of the country. Serving as essential intermediaries, these companies add value to the industry by providing expertise, market access, risk management, and personalized solutions to individuals and businesses alike.

In recognition of the profound impact Insurance Brokers have on SLIC and the industry at large, the company annually hosts a special event in their honor. This year's gathering held particular significance as Sri Lanka Insurance took the opportunity to felicitate five distinguished Broker veterans, highlighting their enduring dedication and ongoing contributions to the country's insurance sector.

Among the honorees, Mr. Nihal Senarathna, Chairman of Senaratne Insurance Brokers, stood out as an exemplar of commitment, boasting an impressive 70-year tenure as an Insurance Broker. A Royal College, Colombo alumnus and Charter Member of the International Insurance Society in Alabama, USA, Mr. Senarathna holds associateships from the Chartered Insurance Institute and the Indian Insurance Institute. As a Chartered Insurance Broker and a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, he remains the only Sri Lankan to have been invited by the Association of British Insurance to address Britain's Insurance Industry in 1986.

The evening not only celebrated the past accomplishments of these Broker veterans but also underscored the ongoing vibrancy they bring to the insurance landscape. Sri Lanka Insurance's commitment to recognizing and honoring such stalwarts reaffirms its dedication to fostering a collaborative and thriving insurance industry for the benefit of the nation.

Distinguished Contributions Recognized: Honoring Trailblazers in Sri Lanka's Insurance Landscape

In the tapestry of Sri Lanka's insurance industry, luminaries emerged, and their remarkable contributions were recently celebrated at a special event hosted by Sri Lanka Insurance (SLIC). Held at the Hilton, Colombo, on the 18th of October, this exclusive occasion spotlighted the exceptional efforts of individuals who have shaped and elevated the landscape of insurance brokering in the country.

Mr. Hema Wijeratne: A product of Nalanda College and the founder of Mercantile Insurance Brokers, Mr. Wijeratne is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute and a Chartered Insurance Broker. With over 60 years of service to the industry, he has left an indelible mark. Not only was he instrumental in establishing the Sri Lanka Insurance Institute, but he also founded the Sri Lanka Insurance Broker Association in 1980, providing a pivotal platform for the Broker community.

Mr. Vernon Edirisinghe: A St. Joseph's College alumnus, Mr. Edirisinghe serves as the Managing Director and Principal Officer at Equity Insurance Brokers. With a BSc. in Economics from the University of London, he brings over 58 years of expertise to the industry, having held significant positions in leading insurance companies.

Mr. Victor Colambage: A pioneer in the insurance industry, Mr. Colambage, a student of Christian College Kotte, boasts a service record of over 50 years. As a Chartered Insurer, he has played a vital role in the growth and evolution of the industry, holding esteemed positions in both insurance and broker companies.

Mr. Ray Pompeus: With a service record of more than 58 years, Mr. Pompeus, currently serving as a Consultant at LM & A Insurance Brokers, has left an indelible mark on the industry. A St. Joseph's College alumnus, he has held senior positions in various insurance broker companies.

The event, graced by the Boards of Directors and senior officials of Insurance Broker Companies, President Counsel Mr. Ronald C Perera (Chairman, SLIC), Mr. Chandana L Aluthgama (Chief Executive Officer, SLIC), and Chief Officers from Sri Lanka Insurance, served as a testament to SLIC's deep appreciation for the pivotal role played by Insurance Brokers. Recognizing their dedication and hard work, SLIC ensured that these trailblazers received the acknowledgment they truly deserve. This celebration not only honors the past achievements of these luminaries but also serves as an inspiration for the generations to come in shaping the future of Sri Lanka's insurance industry.

A Night of Tribute: Embracing Legacies, Inspiring Futures in Sri Lanka's Insurance Realm

In the radiant glow of recognition, the recent celebration hosted by Sri Lanka Insurance (SLIC) unfolded as more than just an event—it was a poignant tribute to the luminaries who have indelibly shaped the nation's insurance landscape. From the visionary leadership of Mr. Hema Wijeratne, founder of Mercantile Insurance Brokers, to the enduring commitment of Mr. Vernon Edirisinghe at Equity Insurance Brokers, and the pioneering spirit of Mr. Victor Colambage, this night illuminated the profound impact of these stalwarts.

As Mr. Ray Pompeus, Consultant at LM & A Insurance Brokers, was also acknowledged, the event provided a platform to honor over 200 years of combined experience in the insurance industry. Stalwarts with educational roots in esteemed institutions like Nalanda College and St. Joseph's College, Colombo, these individuals have not only contributed significantly to the industry but have also played instrumental roles in its evolution.

Graced by the Boards of Directors, senior officials of Insurance Broker Companies, and distinguished figures like President Counsel Mr. Ronald C Perera (Chairman, SLIC) and Mr. Chandana L Aluthgama (Chief Executive Officer, SLIC), the occasion symbolized SLIC's profound acknowledgment of the pivotal role played by Insurance Brokers. The commitment to appreciating their hard work and dedication underscores SLIC's vision for a collaborative and thriving insurance industry.

This celebration, more than a retrospective glance, serves as an inspiration for the industry's future architects. It is a reminder that behind every policy and every claim is a legacy of innovation, dedication, and service. As Sri Lanka's insurance landscape navigates the future, the echoes of this night will undoubtedly resonate, guiding the aspirations of those who are yet to leave their imprint on the dynamic canvas of the nation's insurance sector.